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Elementary School
13659 Beatties Ford Road
Huntersville, NC 28078
Courier #: 328
P: 980-343-0372  |  F: 980-343-1711 
Principal: Melissa Roy
LC: North
Bell Schedule: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: PreK-5
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Attendance Policy


Barnette Elementary

Attendance Policy



All children enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade are required to attend school on a regular basis. The parent, guardian, or custodian of a child shall notify the school of each known absence. The state identifies two types of absences: excused (lawful) and unexcused (unlawful).

  • Should your student need to be absent from school, please provide a written note or doctor's note explaining the reason for the absence(s) upon returning to school. See a list of excused absences below that would require a written note or doctor's note.
  • You may Parent Square or email your child's teacher a note to excuse them, report an absence through our Barnette Elementary website (click the Absent icon), or you may email our attendance secretary directly at
  • An absence must fall into one of the following eight categories to be excused:
    1. Illness or Injury: The student is physically unable to attend school due to an illness or injury.
    2. Quarantine: The isolation of the student ordered by the health department/board of health or medical physician.
    3. Death in the Family: The death of an immediate family member such as parents, siblings, or grandparents.
    4. Medical/Dental Appointment: This can be any routine appointment or if your child has any medical procedures needing to take place.
    5. Court: The child must be present for court proceedings or an administrative hearing.
    6. Religious Observation: The tenets of a religion to which a student and his/her parents adhere, require or suggest observance of a religious event.
    7. Educational Opportunity: The purpose of the absence is to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity.
    8. Military Deployment or Reunification: The child's parent/guardian is deploying, redeploying or home on leave. Not to exceed five (5) days of absences.
    The school registrar will send out three contact letters for unexcused absences.
     1. The first letter is for 3 unexcused absences. These absences received a code of unexcused because a note was not received from the parent stating one of the eight valid absence reasons.
    2. The second letter is sent home for 6 unexcused absences. These absences have accumulated from the beginning of the student's school year.
    3. The third letter is for 10 unexcused absences. This letter notifies the parent of a conference with school personnel. This meeting is an effort to resolve the attendance concerns before punitive action.

    If attendance concerns continue after the 10-day meeting, then the school administration may proceed to the following actions:
     1. Attendance Review Conference: The school counselor will request for a conference between parents/guardians, teachers, and administration. This will give all parties a chance to discuss the situation and come to a mutually satisfactory solution.
  • 2. Home visit: School personnel will attempt a home visit to address continued attendance concerns.
    3. Department of Social Services Child Protection: The school counselor may elect to file a claim of educational neglect.
    4. District Court: The school counselor may elect to proceed with court action. This action brings all parties in front of a judge to discuss the noncompliance with the compulsory attendance law.

    Students who are excessively tardy to school may be subject to disciplinary actions for such offenses. Your child is considered tardy if he/she arrives at or after 8:00 am. If a child is tardy, a parent or legal guardian must come into the office and sign your child in.

    All tardies are recorded as excused or unexcused. If a student is late due to a medical appointment, please obtain a note from the physician and present the note when checking the student in at the main office. Excessive unexcused tardies will result in a conference with school personnel.

     If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please contact your student school counselor:  (PreK-2) or (3-5)

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