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Bell Schedule: 7:15 AM - 2:15 PM
Grades: 9-12
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Attendance Procedures

​Attendance Policy and Procedures

Please fill out the East Meck Absence Form and Submit, response will go directly to the attendance secretary, Mrs. Cooper.


  • 10 absences excused OR unexcused are allowed PER CLASS.
  • Excessive absences exceeding 10 can lead to students failing their class/course.


All excuses must be handed in to the attendance office within 5 days of an absence. Documentation is required by CMS to excuse an absence. Please make sure student full name, ID number, and date of absence are all included on the excuse note/ form. Parent sick notes please include parent signature and phone number as well. If absence was not a full day please be sure to also indicate that on the excuse or a full day absence will be entered.

Excused absences include:

  • Parent note stating injury or illness
  • Doctor note
  • Dentist note
  • Counseling appointment/ personal appointment/ etc.
  • Court appointment
  • Death in family

We do not need any documentation for unexcused absences. These include car troubles, traffic, family trips, weddings, vacation, etc. and will remain unexcused absences.


Tardy Policy/Lockout

Late arrivals, after 7:15 am, must sign in at the attendance office located in the Main Office.  Excused sign-ins will include only the following: 1) late school bus, 2) court documentation 3) doctor's note, and 4) students accompanied by their parent, guardian, or emergency contact person as designated on demographics screen, with a limit of five parental sign-ins per semester.  All other late sign-ins will be coded as unexcused and students will be required to report to lockout.  

Unexcused tardies are not acceptable and will not be tolerated at East Mecklenburg.  Students will report directly to lockout each time they have an unexcused tardy to school or class.  Students who report late to lockout (after five minutes) will be assigned ASD.  Subsequent violations will result in an out-of-school suspension.  On the first lockout, parents will be notified with a letter.  Parents are notified by written documentation on the 3rd and 4th lockout.  

Lockouts will be recorded as an unexcused absence and will count toward the total number of class absences.  Excessive lockouts will result in the following penalties:

1st lockout      letter sent home – remain in lockout
2nd lockout     Remain in lockout 
3rd lockout      Lockout-assigned ASD 
4th lockout      Remain in Lockout-warning of Community Service
5th lockout      Community Service
6th lockout      Lockout-assigned ASD and/or Community Service
7th lockout      Lockout – warning of OSS
8th lockout      OSS – assigned by an administer
9th lockout      Restart lockout process at 3rd Lockout

Sign-Out Policy

Students may be signed out through the attendance office only by their parent, guardian, or emergency contact person as designated on the demographics screen.  Proper procedure must be followed before any student leaves campus.  No student, except in emergency situations, will be signed out after 1:30 pm.



  • Fill out Educational Opportunity Form found below or pick up from Attendance Office
  • Attach documentation to the Educational Form

Forms must include student full name, ID number, reason for request, date of absence, and parent signature. You must also attach proof to the educational form. This can include college brochure, official visit/campus tour confirmation, email verification, itinerary, etc.
Please allow for at least one week for educational forms to be approved and entered into the system. Administration signs off on these so we ask for a week to get approval and enter them.
                                   Educational Opportunity Absence Form.pdf



  • Fill out Religious Observance Form found below or pick up from Attendance Office

Forms MUST include student full name, ID number, parent signature, and date of absence request.

                                   Absence for Religious Obligation Form 2021-2022.pdf

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Phone: 980-343-3000
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