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This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store documents that are used on pages in this site.

Green Star School.pdf
Checked Out To: Mondelli, Celia M.Green Star School.pdf
Checked Out To: Mondelli, Celia M.Green Star School
SLT Minutes October.pdfSLT Minutes October
School Leadership Team November 20, 2013 Minutes.docxSchool Leadership Team November 20, 2013 Minutes
Role of Student Assignment Goals Fact Sheet.pdfRole of Student Assignment Goals Fact Sheet
MCE SLT Minutes 5-4-16.pdfMCE SLT Minutes 5-4-16
Kindergarten Supply List2 016.pdfKindergarten Supply List2 016
1st Grade Supply List 2016.pdf1st Grade Supply List 2016
3-5 Traditional Class Individual Science Project.pdf3-5 Traditional Class Individual Science Project
Jimmy Johnson photo.jpgJimmy Johnson photo
Supply Lists 2017.pdfSupply Lists 2017
June 5 2017 Minutes.pdfJune 5 2017 Minutes
SLT 9-6 page 1.JPGSLT 9-6 page 1
SLT 9-6 page 2.JPGSLT 9-6 page 2
SLT 9-6 page 3.JPGSLT 9-6 page 3
SLT Sign in Sept 6.pdfSLT Sign in Sept 6
A-F Day Schedule.docxA-F Day Schedule
Oct SLT Minutes.docxOct SLT Minutes
Schedule Days January-February.docxSchedule Days January-February
Schedule Days March April May.docxSchedule Days March April May
Schedule Day March thru May.pdfSchedule Day March thru May
Schedule Days March April May.pdfSchedule Days March April May
AAAAASupply Lists 2018-19.pdfAAAAASupply Lists 2018-19
Supply Lists 2018-19.pdfSupply Lists 2018-19
SLT Notes 9.4.18.docxSLT Notes 9.4.18
SLT  Minutes 2.11.19.docxSLT Minutes 2.11.19
Oct18 SLT Minutes.docxOct18 SLT Minutes
MCES SIP 2018-2019 Second Semester.pdfMCES SIP 2018-2019 Second Semester
Nov2018 SLT Meeting Minutes.pdfNov2018 SLT Meeting Minutes
3rd Grade April.pdf3rd Grade April
Kindergarten April.pdfKindergarten April
1st Grade April.pdf1st Grade April
2nd Grade April.pdf2nd Grade April
4th Grade April.pdf4th Grade April
5th Grade April.pdf5th Grade April
Revised-4.6.2020 - K-5 Master Schedule.pdfRevised-4.6.2020 - K-5 Master Schedule
Connect on Google Classroom.pdfConnect on Google Classroom
Kindergarten Phase 3.pdfKindergarten Phase 3
1st Grade Phase 3.pdf1st Grade Phase 3
2nd Grade Phase 3.pdf2nd Grade Phase 3
3rd Grade Phase 3.pdf3rd Grade Phase 3
4th Grade Phase 3.pdf4th Grade Phase 3
5th Grade Phase 3.pdf5th Grade Phase 3
Physical and Immunization Info.pdfPhysical and Immunization Info
Physical and Immunization Info in Spanish.pdfPhysical and Immunization Info in Spanish
Asthma Action Plan.pdfAsthma Action Plan
PTA Recruitment of Officers for 2020-2021 School Year.pdfPTA Recruitment of Officers for 2020-2021 School Year
Kindergarten Phase 4.pdfKindergarten Phase 4
1st Grade Phase 4.pdf1st Grade Phase 4
2nd Grade Phase 4.pdf2nd Grade Phase 4
3rd Grade Phase 4.pdf3rd Grade Phase 4
4th Grade Phase 4.pdf4th Grade Phase 4
5th Grade Phase 4.pdf5th Grade Phase 4
Kindergarten Phase 5.pdfKindergarten Phase 5
1st Grade Phase 5.pdf1st Grade Phase 5
2nd Grade Phase 5.pdf2nd Grade Phase 5
3rd Grade Phase 5.pdf3rd Grade Phase 5
4th Grade Phase 5.pdf4th Grade Phase 5
5th Grade Phase 5.pdf5th Grade Phase 5
Summer Food Flyers_51 Locations.pdfSummer Food Flyers_51 Locations
Plan B+ Remote BOE Update 07.21.2020.pdfPlan B+ Remote BOE Update 07.21.2020
2020 Open House Zoom Credentials.pdf2020 Open House Zoom Credentials
2020-2021 Open House 2nd grade.pdf2020-2021 Open House 2nd grade
3rd Grade Open House 2020 revised.pdf3rd Grade Open House 2020 revised
K-2 Scholar Schedule Fall 2020.pdfK-2 Scholar Schedule Fall 2020
3-5 Scholar Schedule Fall 2020.pdf3-5 Scholar Schedule Fall 2020
4th Grade Open House 2020.pdf4th Grade Open House 2020
Remote Learning Daily Minutes_Elementary 9.25.20.pdfRemote Learning Daily Minutes_Elementary 9.25.20
Open House Oct 29.pdfOpen House Oct 29
Diabetes Order and Care Plan 9.2020_final (002).pdfDiabetes Order and Care Plan 9.2020_final (002)
Math Literacy Parent Sessions.pdfMath Literacy Parent Sessions
MCES Kindergarten Supply List 2021-2022.pdfMCES Kindergarten Supply List 2021-2022
First Grade Supply List 2021.pdfFirst Grade Supply List 2021
2nd Grade LI Supply List 2021-2022.pdf2nd Grade LI Supply List 2021-2022
3rd Grade Supply List 2021-22.pdf3rd Grade Supply List 2021-22
4th grade supply list 2020-2021.pdf4th grade supply list 2020-2021
5th Grade Supply List 2021-2022.pdf5th Grade Supply List 2021-2022
MCES 4th Open House 2021-2022 (1).pdfMCES 4th Open House 2021-2022 (1)
Elementary Attendance Handout.pdfElementary Attendance Handout
Corrected Opt In COVID19 Student Testing Flier_QRNov3.pdfCorrected Opt In COVID19 Student Testing Flier_QRNov3
Opt In COVID19 Student Testing Flier_QR_SpanishNov3.pdfOpt In COVID19 Student Testing Flier_QR_SpanishNov3
Parent Consent Covid testing.pdfParent Consent Covid testing
Supply Lists 2022-23 revised.pdfSupply Lists 2022-23 revised
Back to School Open House Poster.pngBack to School Open House Poster