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West Charlotte
High School
2219 Senior Drive
Charlotte, NC 28216
Courier #: 576
P: 980-343-6060  |  F: 980-343-6049 
Principal: Orlando Robinson
LC: West
Bell Schedule: 7:15 AM - 2:15 PM
Grades: 9-12
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​AVID’s Mission: AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by
preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society

AVID’s Website:

Here West Charlotte High School we are moving toward AVID School-wide, which implies that students (whether or not they are choosing college as their post-secondary goal) will be prepared for college and career by utilizing WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) strategies.

AVID’s proven learning support structure, known as WICOR , incorporates teaching/learning methodologies in the critical areas of Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn. WICOR provides a learning model that educators can use to guide students in comprehending concepts and articulating ideas at increasingly complex levels (scaffolding) within developmental, general education, and discipline-based curricula. Furthermore, the WICOR model reflects and promote expertise and attitudes that will serve students well in their academic lives and career.


Meet our Staff

​Thomas Kirkley
​Assistant Principal
​Michele Mveng-Magana
​AVID Teacher
​Kevin Poirier
​AP - Instruction
​Carita Evans-Gist
​AVID Coordinator
​Tamara Glover

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What is the AVID Binder?

The AVID Binder is a system for keeping essential school materials and class assignments organized into one binder. A proper AVID Binder contains all the materials in the "Required Items" section of the AVID Binder Checklist in the order outlined in How to Organize Your AVID Binder.

AVID binder checks weekly. Teachers leading the weekly AVID Binder checks will be looking for "Required Items" and overall organization.

How can I support my child at home?

Regularly check your child's backpack and AVID Binder. All papers should be placed in binder rings in the proper class section. Remove unnecessary papers. Ensure all required materials are present.

Required Contents:

  • Good quality 3-ring, 2" binder with pocket inserts

  • 5-6 tab subject dividers to separate classes, including AVID Elective

  • Zipper pouch to store supplies

  • 2 or more pens (red and black or blue)

  • 2 or more pencils

  • College Notebook Paper

  • Agenda/daily planner/calendar (in or outside of binder)

Suggested Contents:

  • 1 or more colored highlighter pens

  • Notebook

  • Color pencils

  • Manual pencil sharpener with shavings receptacle

How to Organize Your Binder (In Order)

  1. Zipper pouch with supplies

  2. Agenda/daily planner/calendar

  3. Divider for each class- place notebook paper behind each divider for each class section

  4. No papers in the binder pockets

To Create Your E binder

  1. Click on the link here:

  2. Make a copy of the page at the top right of the page. Click on the three vertical dots and click "duplicate page."

  3. Rename the page your name and save to your drive

Join AVID 

Candidates for AVID are identified according to the following criteria:

  • Ability—academic potential to succeed in college preparatory courses (GPA of 2.0-3.5).

  • Desire and determination—desire to attend college, have a good attendance record and willingness to undertake demanding preparation for college.

  • Membership in a group of students "in the middle." This includes students who would be the first in their family to attend college and are a member of a group underrepresented in college.

Application Link

Focused Notes

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P.O. Box 30035
Charlotte, NC 28230-0035
Phone: 980-343-3000
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